Comment (annotate) and highlight PDF in linux (Ubuntu 11.04)

I was searching for tools that allow easy commenting and highlighting of PDF files.


Xournal is good but it doesn’t parse the pdf file. xournal creates a layer on top of the pdf, where the user can draw or write annotations. it also doesn’t allow to write comments that can be hidden/expanded. u can get xournal through ubuntu software center


the linux version doesn’t offer annotations or highlighting. you need to install a windows version with wine. versions that worked

i used Portable Foxit Reader 4.3.1 Build 0323

Update: Acrobat reader 9, which you can get for free, has the functionality to comment, highlight and draw.


How-to delete files listed in .m3u in Ubuntu (one-line script)

I use subsonic network media player. The player does not have “delete from hard drive” option in its interface. A user, however, can create a playlist for the files that need to be deleted.
I go through a lot of music and delete 80% of it the first time i listen to a track. deleting the files manually would take a lot more time than just creating a playlist.

once you have the playlist, you can use this command to delete the files.

sed '/^#/d;s/^/"/g;s/$/"/g'  delete.m3u| xargs rm -v

sed ‘…’ – makes files readable (i got the idea here)
xargs – build and execute command lines from standard input (i got the idea here)

then you can just delete the delete.m3u file

Run existing linux (ubuntu 10.10) partition in virtualbox under host windows 7 system on thinkpad x201t

a link to instruction and solutions to few problems (screen resolution, fingerprint reader, shared folders and xorg.conf) Read more…

VirtualBox under ubuntu 10.04 with windows 7 as a guest.

I installed it using this on mac pro 8-core

there were no problems

How to cheat in MMA Pro Fighter by getting free money.

MMA Pro Fighter ( is a game i got through google chrome web store. the game is also integrated into facebook.

The game is well design in the sense that when u get money you also get experience. This way one cannot learn all the techniques for current level. I’m level 22 so not sure about higher levels. when you fight fighters if a fighter has an attack that you don’t have a defense for, you are at disadvantage. to cheat or get advantage u need to earn money without gaining experience. here is the cheat:

when you go to you fighters profile page, there is an ad on top of your fight statistics. it advertises iphone app or items. you have to wait untill an item appears that u can get money for. med kits, pills and energy drinks are great. they all give you over $300. if you have many tabs open, this is the fastest way to gain money and no worry about experience. u don’t have to play the mini-game. just click continue. once u get a sign that you have the item reload until a next good item appears.


How-to tether on droid x and Ubuntu. access gmail and other https using a proxy linux machine for FREE

For non-rooted droids, there are two options pdaNet and EasyTether. If you use Ubuntu then your option is pdaNet for blue tooth or easyTether for USB.

Both of these programs don’t support https. so you can’t access gmail or ebay or paypall. although gmail chat works through meebo.

there is an easy way to access gmail using another linux machine as a proxy:

  1. install tinyproxy on the linux machine
  2. configure it
    1. sudo vim /etc/tinyproxy.conf
    2. add user
    3. add “Listen” around line 30
  3. connect ur droid x with usb
  4. start easy tether
  5. in ubutun get easy tether working (assuming it’s installed)
    1. easytether connect
    2. sudo dhclient easytether0
  6. and run “ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 -N -l user linuxMachineAddress”

both of the linux machine are Ubuntu 10.04 and droid x is using android 2.3 (no root)

Note, for windows, go here.

Classical orchestra performs aphex twin

As you might know, there is this guy who doesn’t have license but drives a tank, writes music in his sleep and argues with Stockhausen about modern music.  There aren’t too many who can be on his level or even work with him. Although, I tried to pursue Ossia to play aphex twin, my dreams came true only when i found Acoustica: Alarm Will Sound Performs Aphex Twin. here is a sample from youtube.

aphex twin:

alarm will sound: