MMA Pro Fighter ( is a game i got through google chrome web store. the game is also integrated into facebook.

The game is well design in the sense that when u get money you also get experience. This way one cannot learn all the techniques for current level. I’m level 22 so not sure about higher levels. when you fight fighters if a fighter has an attack that you don’t have a defense for, you are at disadvantage. to cheat or get advantage u need to earn money without gaining experience. here is the cheat:

when you go to you fighters profile page, there is an ad on top of your fight statistics. it advertises iphone app or items. you have to wait untill an item appears that u can get money for. med kits, pills and energy drinks are great. they all give you over $300. if you have many tabs open, this is the fastest way to gain money and no worry about experience. u don’t have to play the mini-game. just click continue. once u get a sign that you have the item reload until a next good item appears.