For non-rooted droids, there are two options pdaNet and EasyTether. If you use Ubuntu then your option is pdaNet for blue tooth or easyTether for USB.

Both of these programs don’t support https. so you can’t access gmail or ebay or paypall. although gmail chat works through meebo.

there is an easy way to access gmail using another linux machine as a proxy:

  1. install tinyproxy on the linux machine
  2. configure it
    1. sudo vim /etc/tinyproxy.conf
    2. add user
    3. add “Listen” around line 30
  3. connect ur droid x with usb
  4. start easy tether
  5. in ubutun get easy tether working (assuming it’s installed)
    1. easytether connect
    2. sudo dhclient easytether0
  6. and run “ssh -L 8888:localhost:8888 -N -l user linuxMachineAddress”

both of the linux machine are Ubuntu 10.04 and droid x is using android 2.3 (no root)

Note, for windows, go here.